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Women Against Cyberrape (WAC) is a website that supports victims of cyberrape through nude photo removal tips and attorney resources. It's a labor of love that I created in November 2012 shortly after my private photos were posted on a notorious "revenge porn" website.

While the issue of cyberrape has been gaining attention from the media and legislators, victims are still blamed for being victims, are continuously dismissed by law enforcement, and are callously exploited by Internet companies who guarantee their photo removal. It's an epidemic that has only begun to be addressed. Safe havens are few and far between. My hope is that one of them is right here.

Pink Gradient

Depending upon your situation and where you live, the publication of your photos could be a crime.


You may be able to file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, or copyright infringement. 

If you took the photos yourself (selfie), you can remove your photos through submission of a DMCA Notice.



Thanks for submitting!

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